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Card Access

Card Access is responsible for access passes, validations, and credit card transactions among many other features. The easy-to-use interface makes Card Access easy for any facility employee while still remining a powerful program. Use the Card Access Operations manual to learn more about Card Access.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a cash management system that communicates with revenue computers, ticket dispensers, Paystations, and lag-time readers. The iParcProfessional software offers site configuration, revenue computer programming, and report generation features.

Count Monitor

The Count Monitor system monitors all devices at a facility and records counts, alarms, and user activity in database files. The program provides automatic and manual control of gates, full signs, and other devices. User-friendly screens offer quick access to device control, entrance, exit, and differential counts.

Report Generator

Report Generator takes data from iParcProfessional programs and organizes it into meaningful information. This information assists in measuring revenue and optimizing facility operations.


OPUSCharge is responsible for processing credit card transactions. OPUSCharge data can be viewed via OPUSCharge reports or report Generator