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Fee Computer

The AGP/AMG-5200 Fee Computer is an extremely powerful, user-friendly and secure parking fee control system. The Fee Computer can accept ticket information in multiple ways, calculate parking fees, accept multiple payment types and generate a wide range of reports.


Pay-in-Lane Station

The AMG-6700 pay-in-Lane Station is designed for flexibility and ease of use in any facility. The fully functional, touch screen controlled device is the perfect solution for 24/7 unattended oeprations.



The 6800 Paystation is an automated machine that does not a require a facility employee to run the machine. The 6800 has a sleek design, making it an attractive machine that utilizes advanced technology in both the hardware and software components.



The AGP/AMG-7800 Paystation automatically calculates and processes parking fees in a parking facility. Customers are guided step by step through the procedure via a color LCD display and voice prompts. Payment can be made either by cash or credit card.